Sawyer Point Park, Cincinnati, OH

Featuring Matt Peveley & Phoenix Freerunning

Join us as we venture out to Cincinnati’s first National/Regional Jam. To carpool to this event on Saturday, October 5, we will meet at the Livonia YMCA (14255 Stark Rd Livonia) at 5:45am and leave by 6:00am. We plan on returning home at 8:00pm to make it back by midnight.

If you would like a ride to this event, please plan on bringing some gas money to share with your driver as well as any personal provisions you might require (i.e. food, water, etc.) For more information on this and the other two days of the jam, please visit the event page at:

Here it is! The schedule of all our upcoming events in October! Be sure to check out some of our cool new events like our Pro-Team Anniversary Workshop, our American Ninja Warrior Workshop and our Halloween Jam!

Kids PK Workshop



At Livonia Ultimate Gymnasticz (13300 Levan Rd, Livonia) from 3-5pm

Featuring Eric “Silver Surfer” Zimmerman

Join us for our first Kids PK Workshop of the Fall! This is the best way for your child to begin learning parkour. We will cover all the basics, from rolls and vaults to precisions and wall-runs. Ages 7-17
Workshop is $40.

Want to get a picture of you doing parkour/freerunning featured on our page? Well now it’s easier than ever! All you have to do is come out to any one of our events, learn a new move, we’ll take a handful of pictures and which ever picture demonstrates the most significant personal improvement, we will then feature it as the cover photo for the next same event (ex: learn a new move at an open gym session and be featured as the cover photo for our next open gym session). Our first winner is Alex Takla, who, at the age of only 13, has become our youngest member to ever make it up the 14ft Warped Wall. He will therefore be featured as the cover photo for our next upcoming American Ninja Warrior Workshop in October. So come on out and learn some new moves! Push yourself past your limits and have safe fun while doing it!



Friday-Saturday in Ann Arbor and Sunday in Flint

Featuring the Michigan Parkour Athletic Club & Phoenix Freerunning

"Hello all, the Michigan Parkour Club is hosting the 7th Annual Michigan Parkour National Jam! This is a great chance for practitioners to meet each other and train together in Ann Arbor. The Jam will be start on Friday Sept 27 evening and end Sunday Sept 29. This year we will be heading to FLINT on Sunday to end the jam. This will be a great opportunity to train at some of the most impressive spots in Michigan."

For more information, please visit the facebook event page at: